Iccwin Rules and Regulations

The general rules of the company are dedicated to all wagers without exception if another isn’t written in specific sports rules. In individual cases where there are any differences between specific sports terms and general rules, the first ones take precedence. There is also market information that takes precedence in the event of disagreement with general rules or certain sporting rules.

Users’ Responsibilities

All Iccwin users, without exception, should read the company’s rules and regulations regarding the product or activity they intend to use here. Moreover, they should read different sorts of information about the brand (general rules, specific sports rules, and market information).

If there are any problems or questions regarding the terms of use of this company, users should contact Iccwin bet representatives.

Company’s Rights Toward Scam

Activity is considered suspicious in the following cases:

  • Utilizing a VPN or another approach that results in frequent IP changes;
  • Making use of several accounts in the company;
  • Involvement in fund-passing, sharpening, and so on;
  • Abuse of any kind, luck-hunting, matchmaking, and commission-seeking are not permitted.

If any of the listed actions are detected, the company has the full right to suspend or terminate the user’s activity on the platform, as well as cancel or withhold his/her bets.

General Rules

In-game Market Management

There are some common points of the iccwin general rules regarding in-game market management:

  • All bets placed after the event’s planned “off” time will be void for all events other than horse and greyhound races. If the event doesn’t have a timetabled “off” time, the bookie will use its best judgment to define when the actual “off” will take place. All bets put after the time of the defined “off” will be meaningless;
  • If the market isn’t meant to be turned in play but isn’t stopped at the right time, any wagers placed on horse and greyhound racing beyond the prescribed “off” time are invalid.

Results & Market Settling

Basic rules dedicated to the market settling are:

  • If the market data or certain sports rules do not specify whether or on what basis the market will be fixed, markets will be decided to settle on the formal output of the relevant governing authority;
  • When final results from the relevant governing authority are not accessible, data from other sources will be used to decide the outcomes.

Refusals & Cancellations

There are 2 important rules a user must know:

  • Any tournament must be finalized within 3 days of the date of completion, failing which all markets linked to the particular event must be settled following the actual ruling of the applicable governing authority, provided that the ruling is rendered within 90 days of the given deadline; 
  • All bets on the markets for any match, except for bets on any markets that have been unambiguously decided, shall be nullified if the event is not completed within 3 days of the organized completion date.

Change of Location

Any changes of location are followed by the specific rules:

  • All wagers are worthless if the location is changed after the market has been loaded and the new site is the home of the original away team; 
  • If the venue is modified after the market has been set for any categories or markets except for team sports, wagers will still stand; 
  • If the kind of booking surface changes after the market has been loaded, all bets will stand.

Time Changes

Changes in time also have certain rules:

  • All wagers are void if the anticipated length of an event changes after the market has loaded but before the event begins;
  • All wagers are valid for the whole “regular time” duration, which includes stoppage time. This excludes any additional time and/or penalty shootouts;
  • When “days” is referred to in these Rules and Regulations, it refers to the end of the local day after the elapse of the given number of days.

Match Bets

A user must know the next terms for using match bets:

  • In one-off competitions, the “Match Bet” is won by the competitor or team with the top score, time, or placing. Except otherwise specified in the Specific Sports Rules and/or Market Information, bets are meaningless if none of the teams or players in a match bet finish an event or record a score, time, or finish position; 
  • All eligible match wagers will be void if one of the teams or participants decides not to compete; 
  • If an event or tournament is called off or its time limit is altered in a way that prevents any player or team from finishing the match bet, event, or tournament for any cause other than withdrawal/disqualification, all wagers are deemed worthless.

Multiple Bets

The next listed points apply only to multiple bets:

  • A multiple bet consists of several legs, that is, 1 or even more collected options in any certain market;
  • The company maintains the right to prohibit numerous bets in specific situations;
  • Customers can only select from back or lay choices in a single leg;
  • When a client chooses more than one option in a leg, the odds for this leg are combined to show the likelihood that any of the options will win or lose. Customers will have to submit their multiple bets individually if they decide to place a cross-multiple wager;
  • BSP will remove 5% of the odds received for each leg of the multiple.

Sports Rules


Its general terms include the next points:

  • If a ball is not thrown during an event, all wagers are lost, except for any markets that have been unambiguously settled;
  • If a match is decided by a coin toss or a bowl-off, all wagers are invalid, except for those on markets that have been unequivocally resolved;
  • The official result will be used to pay all bets if the game is terminated due to severe weather.


There are the following soccer rules:

  • Unless it is made obvious that the game has been rescheduled to be played within 3 days of its initial start date, all bets are invalid if the game hasn’t begun by 23:59 on the game’s scheduled start date; 
  • Any bets placed on the relevant markets will be invalid if the actual fixture has team information that varies from that which was supplied (such as age category, gender, and so on); 
  • If the team is demoted to the league after finishing the season in one of the designated league relegation spots, betting for the team to be controlled will be considered winning bets;
  • “Shirt numbers” bets are based on the number of shirts that were assigned at the start of the game. The “Shirt Numbers” wagers will take into account own-goal scorers. Any player without a number on his or her jersey will be assigned the number 12;
  • No matter when play is interrupted, the first half is counted as 45 minutes for “time of first goal” bets;
  • Please note that for these markets, the ‘0-10 Minutes’ range must include the first 10 minutes of the game. It begins at 0:00 and concludes just before 10:00, in other words. From 10:00 to slightly before 20:00, the ’11-20 minutes’ option is accessible. The same guiding principles were used to operate all other items on the market.


Get familiar with the specific tennis rules:

  • If a player retires or is kicked out of a match, the person who progresses to the next round is called the winner. However, if less than one set has been played at the moment of retirement or disqualification, all bets on that particular match are invalid; 
  • All bets will stand regardless of any changes made to the scheduled locations, including any alterations made to the surface; 
  • If a match concludes sooner than anticipated or takes more games or sets to win, all wagers will be canceled, except for those on markets that have been unmistakably established;
  • Any wagers on the likelihood that these events would occur frequently throughout the tournament would be worthless if the tournament’s length were to be shortened, postponed, or canceled, except for wagers on markets that have already been settled.