Privacy Policy

The Iccwin website, or any page, subpage, subdomain, or component thereof, from time to time situated or reachable by the domain name: (the “Websites”), is governed by this privacy statement.

This privacy statement outlines the legal foundations upon which we will process any personal data you give us or that we obtain from you.

Policy reforms or changes

We retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any modifications will take effect as soon as they are published on the website and will be legally binding. The top of this page will display the date that the current Privacy Policy went into effect.


This privacy statement complies exactly with all applicable data protection laws, including the UK Data Protection Act of 1998.

Data collect

General information

When you use the Internet, your browser or software may send information to the servers that host the websites you visit. This information will be used to make statistics about website visitors. These statistics will be used for marketing and to make your experience better.

Personally identifiable information

We collect personal information about you that will allow us to identify you. This data might include, but is not limited to:

  • Information you submit while creating an account with us, such as your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and any other essential data needed to set up and administer your account.
  • If you contact us, we may store a record of your communication.
  • Any information you offer as part of a marketing promotion or competition.
  • Information about your gaming or betting behavior on the Sites.
  • Your interactions with our customer support representatives (via phone or chat). These can be documented or kept to aid in training, quality management, and the prompt resolution of problems and questions.
  • Furthermore, these data will enable us to contact you for various purposes and give the best possible service. This personal information will also be used for marketing reasons, such as informing you about special offers, promotions, and events.
  • You recognize that the information you supply may correspond to personal or confidential data under the Data Protection Act of 1998, and by using the websites, you consent to the processing of your data as described in this policy.

Disclosure about the use of your information

By creating an account with us, you accept that we may keep your user information and that it may be stored by us or sent to a third-party organization that processes it on our behalf.

Your information may be processed for the following purposes, but not exclusively:

  • Account administration and transaction processing on our websites.
  • Gaming and betting services are provided.
  • Verification and identification reasons, such as guaranteeing your legal age and that you do not reside in any of the prohibited regions listed in the Site Terms of Use.
  • Personalize the marketing materials to your liking.
  • Diagnostics and website upkeep
  • Website services should be monitored and improved.
  • Risk management, identification of fraud, and anti-money laundering compliance
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory obligations.
  • When providing support and associated services at the request of our software suppliers (who are also bound by the provisions of this policy).

We also reserve the right to conduct statistical analyses of the user’s behavior and characteristics in order to measure the interest and use of the various areas of the websites, as well as to inform advertisers about this information, as well as the number of users who were exposed to or clicked on your advertising banners. Third parties will only get aggregated data from these analyses.

Iccwin is a member of various organizations dedicated to preserving the integrity of sports and betting and preventing competitive manipulation. As a result, the parties (Iccwin and the various organizations) retain the right to access and exchange their data in order to monitor betting activity.

If you want to get information about promotional offers, select the relevant boxes on the registration form. If you want to modify your preferences at any time, please contact our customer service agent.


We retain the right to post information of any of your victories and/or prizes won on websites and other promotional media for marketing and promotional reasons. When appropriate, we may publish your usernames or shortened names, the amount of your winnings, and any other information to promote the sites.


We use as many safeguards as possible to keep your information secure with us. All information is transported using encryption methods and, once on our systems, is secured using the most advanced technology available today. Both the website and the software use every possible method to ensure data accuracy and privacy, as well as to secure your data from misuse and/or loss.

We cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose to us in the process of delivering our services since the security of all Internet connections is not entirely secure. By using the Sites, you realize and accept the security risks inherent in accessing the Internet, and we will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages or losses resulting from such an event.

Please bear in mind that we will only store your information for as long as it is legitimately required for the reasons for which it was received. In certain situations, we may be compelled to keep your information for an unlimited amount of time.


Players should be aware that personal information and data may be gathered and kept automatically during the registration process through cookies. A “cookie” is a little piece of data delivered by a web server to a web browser that enables the server to gather data from the browser. Cookies are used to monitor your surfing habits and establish a demographic profile. We may enhance our services for you by tracking these tendencies and combining the collected data. Cookies are used by the affiliate system to trace back to referring affiliates.

If you do not want information gathered via the use of cookies, most browsers include a simple method that enables you to refuse or accept the cookie function. Please keep in mind that disabling the cookies option may have an impact on “tailored” services.

Data deletion

All material relating to the company’s interactive game development site, regardless of the information included within, must be disposed of safely.

Data access and updates

Users may submit a written request at any time for a copy of their personal information maintained by us at the locations shown below. We will provide you with access to your personal information that we have on file. You may also contact our Customer Service with any updates, additions, or corrections to previously acquired user information. Furthermore, at your request, we will erase the user information mentioned above from our database; but, owing to backups and deletion logs, it may be hard to delete your entry without some residual information remaining.

Iccwin retains the right, at any moment, to amend, modify, or enhance this Privacy Policy. All changes will be disclosed in this Privacy Policy. Customers are responsible for reviewing the Privacy Policy provided on this website on a regular basis.


Please contact us through our Customer Support if you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy.