Responsible Gaming

Iccwin is a gambling provider and is completely aware of the possible impact of its services on users. Therefore, we create all the opportunities necessary for responsible gaming. The services provided by Iccwin comply with legislative standards and enable safe and lawful gambling without negative consequences. 

In our opinion, gambling is just an exciting hobby for players. Customers need to make it clear how their own process of gambling is going. 

If you have any questions about responsible gaming on Iccwin, or if you are experiencing any difficulties, there is a direct link to the technical support team on the website.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

It should always be remembered that gambling should be seen as a method of entertainment, not a way to make money. A few recommendations should be followed by anyone who starts their gambling experience on the internet. To avoid unpleasant consequences from gambling, please read the tips below. 

  • Always think of gambling as just a fun pastime;
  • Do not deposit an amount you cannot possibly afford to lose;
  • If you have lost a large sum of money, don’t try to get it back immediately;
  • Set spending money limits for gambling;
  • Do not start or continue gambling when you are in a bad mood;
  • Find another hobby and combine it with gambling;
  • Drink little or no alcoholic drinks while gambling.

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

It is not uncommon for people to become aware of gambling difficulties late. Therefore, below you can read about the main signs of problem gambling: 

  • Frequent compulsive thoughts of gambling;
  • Feeling apathetic when you are not playing;
  • Difficulty with control and self-control when you gamble;
  • A desire to win back previous losses or to cover current financial problems with winnings;
  • Spending time and money that was not intended for gambling;
  • Having suicidal thoughts and moods because of gambling;
  • Hiding the appearance of debts of various kinds from people close to them;
  • Neglecting work, family or household responsibilities because of gambling;
  • Willingness to gamble instead of doing important activities;
  • Wanting to calm down, relieve tension, escape from problems by gambling;
  • Refusing to discuss the problem of gambling and lying to hide the desire to play;
  • Irritation in everyday life that fades while gambling;
  • Severe mood swings based on winning and losing;
  • Willingness to quarrel with people who indicate a gambling problem;
  • The desire to gamble with large sums of money in order to gain a strong sense of excitement;
  • The appearance of any kind of debt due to gambling problems;
  • Committing criminal acts to obtain funds for gambling;
  • The desire to continue gambling even after you have spent all your money, and many other signs.

Receiving Help

The occurrence of health problems due to gambling requires immediate intervention. If you or your relatives are experiencing difficulties with online gambling, take advantage of professional help. You can get expert support from the following websites:

Preventing Gambling among Underage People

Customers must be 18 years or older to create an account at the Iccwin website. Verification allows checking the validity of the data that were provided during registration. If the user has stated that he is of legal age when setting up the account and has not proved this during verification, all winnings will not be available for withdrawal from Iccwin.

Parental Control

If your device is being used by unsupervised children, there is a solution. You can use parental controls to prevent your kids from accessing the Internet. Websites such as the following can help: 


Access Restrictions for Underage People

Several safety measures should be followed to ensure minors do not access the Iccwin website. These include: 

  • Do not leave your device unattended when visiting the Iccwin website;
  • Register a separate account on the device for underage users;
  • Use specialised software to protect your device – it will block remote gambling sites;
  • Do not use the save password function after logging into your Iccwin account;
  • Keep bank account details secret from minors.